Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bar Fight!

My wife and I aren't heavy, heavy drinkers, I mean, we drink alcohol less than your average 20-somethings, but before she got pregnant we would drink one, mayyyybe two nights on the weekend.  On an average night we would have a mixed drink or two and several beers but we would just hang out, watch movies, play board games or Wii or whatever, you know, spend time together.  We weren't bar hopping or going to da clubzz.  Every once in a while we would hit a bar and get our freak dance on though.

Even before Mrs. L. Huber got pregnant, when we were sure we were going to start trying, she stopped drinking altogether.  We stopped eating fast food, stuff like that, just living healthier.  She hadn't had any alcohol for maybe two or three months before she even got pregnant.  Then she didn't have a taste, not even a drop for her whole pregnancy.  She didn't have a single beer until her birthday a month after our son was born.

Huge sacrifice right?  Definitely.

Our son is now five months old and he has been sleeping through the night for a couple months now so she and I have some drinks on my night off each week, she never goes too crazy with it.  Neither do I since it's my only night to catch up on sleep.

But, this weekend we are going to a bar for my friend's birthday.  We're getting a babysitter, which as you all know is an expensive endeavor, not to mention the drinks at the bar (not that we're hurting for dough but we're trying to save for a house and college and all that shit).

The conflict came when she asked about who was driving to and from the bar.  She wanted to have a drink or two before and I, sober, would drive us to the bar.  Then I would drink to my heart's (and gullet's) content and she would maybe have one beer then sober up and drive us home. 

My problem with this is that she's a lightweight (in fact she was voted Mrs. Two Beer Queer in her sorority, which don't even get me started about that, that sentence pisses me off for so many reasons), I don't want her driving me home after drinking anything at all.  And, I want to pre-game mah damn self, get a little buzz going before we get to the bar so I don't have to make it rain and buy the bar and some other rap lingo.  And I feel like, I watch my son all day then work the night shift, Saturday I work during the day so I can hang at night, don't I get a night to let loose?

Plusss it's going to be one of my friend groups, so it's my event, my "turn" to get my lean on.  (But actually maybe that's a point for her, I know I would need some liquor to hang out with some of her friends).

Then she comes back with, well I didn't drink for a whole year while I was getting my body ready then carrying a human life.  And I say good point, but I feel like I'm paying on that tab by being the primary caregiver plus working forty hours a week.  Plus, I stayed sober for the Halloween party we went to recently so I could drive us home.

I think that in conclusion, as a married couple, we shouldn't be keeping score of who drove where or who did what chore, we should want to do things for each other because we love each other.  And that's why she should love me enough to be my designated driver Saturday night when I'm getting crunked up.

But seriously, it gets tricky when you start comparing apples to oranges and asking for retribution. 

That reminds me, I've been tabulating all the money my son owes me so he can pay me back in installments, maybe I should drop that now.

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